Ginger Baker | Barista Coffee
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At Ginger Baker we believe in delivering the finest coffee made from freshly ground, locally roasted beans. It’s a simple concept, yet to deliver this consistency does takes a good deal care. Rather than concentrating on producing coffee art: love hearts, swirls, swans and the like, we’re focused on serving up a perfect tasting coffee; and hopefully one that makes your day! Whether you’re looking for a perfect latte, long or short  macchiato, ristretto, espresso, cappuccino or flat white, we’re committed to making a damn fine coffee; short and simple. We invite you to sample our best.


We’ve all experienced the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to consuming a barista made coffee; and no, not all baristas have ‘the gift’. In most cases a poor (or worse: burned) coffee is the product of incorrect grind (fineness/coarseness) selection and/or water temperature. Coffee is a food. Extract it with boiling hot water and it will burn, extract it with too fine a grind on a humid day and it will ‘clump’ together and slow the extraction, producing a bitter coffee.

At Ginger Baker we’re committed to getting the grind, and water temperature right so you enjoy the perfect coffee every time.


We use locally roasted Sixpence coffee beans by Bright local, Luke Dudley. Sixpence’s boutique Bright roastery produces small batch, premium roasts; enabling premium drinking via consistent blends and optimum bean ‘resting times’ as  recommend, post roast. We’re proud to serve Sixpence coffee as we’re assured of both supporting another great Alpine Valleys business and in return being rewarded with the ultimate in fine coffee drinking.

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